Coconuts Kite is located in Jambiani, on the South-East coast of Zanzibar, in the best area for kitesurfing, as water is shallow and it is easier for beginners, while it guarantees amazing conditions and great scenery for experienced riders alike.

The school can be easily reached from Stone Town in around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Once you reach Paje, you head further south to Jambiani and from the main road you will turn to go to Uzuri Villa / Ifa Resort. Once you reach the beach you can see the school on your right hand side.

You can easily find us on Google Maps too!

Emanuel (nicknamed Zabron Kite) is the owner of the school and the head instructor, with over 10 years experience teaching kite surfing, in Tanzania and abroad, and, as you will see from the pictures, he can do quite a few tricks! Emanuel is a certified instructor, so the school can provide you with a certification card when you take a full course with us, or update your current certification.

We want to offer you an unforgettable experience, giving you one of the best instructors in Tanzania and top notch equipment, as well as a spot which offers great conditions for kite surfing without being too crowded.

We use mostly Cabrinha kites and various boards brands, among which Brunotti and Liquid Force. We have all the sizes needed for any wind and any weight. We also can teach kids as we have smaller sizes equipment.

We can also organize kite surfing down wind trips in Tanzania and Zanzibar, so if you are an experienced rider looking for new adventures, please get in touch!

And don’t forget full moon sessions, which are becoming a regular at our school!

Please feel free to contact us to ask information, or just come and chill with the kite surfing family!

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