Afternoon along Pangani river

Pangani is a small town laying approximately 15 km north of Ushongo (and Coconuts Kite!) and 50 km south of Tanga. It has a remarkable history in a Swahili perspective, as it was, together with Bagamoyo and the better preserved Kilwa, one of the main ports of the slave trade in mainland Tanzania.

This is not all about Pangani! Its geographical position along the Pangani river made it flourish in past times. Nowadays the river banks provide excellent ground for agriculture and all along the river you can observe coconuts farms and other kinds of crops as well as fishing activities.

Coconuts farms on both sides of the river.
Factory in Pangani – this is where coconuts are taken to produce oil and, in the past, also ropes.

Fishing for prawns mostly is a common activity along the river – and you can see the traditional cages used by the women to fish from the shore such as in the picture below:

Woman fishing from the river banks.

While buying some seafood we gave a lift to two fishermen:

Drinks are always a good complement to enjoy the view during the cruise. Happy are the customers happy are we!

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