Coconuts Kite team is expanding!

Let’s welcome Masai to the team!

Masai, besides being a kite surfing instructor, is the best local kite surfing fundi in the entire area!

If you are asking yourself what the word “fundi” means, it literarily means “specialized technician” and it is referred to lots of professions, from car mechanics to plumbers, to tailors. Masai can basically repair your crashed kite making it stronger than before! So we now offer also this service to kite surfers who use their own equipment and encounter some problem while having fun!

Masai after a good ride
Masai and Ema




Another windy day in Bwejuu

Wind is blowing every day on the South East coast of Zanzibar in this season, and the sea is full of kite surfers.

The other day we took the chance to pump up some of our kites so that you could see what we have available for you! Take a look!

Special for our youngest guests!

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We have kites of various brands ranging from 3 to 17 square meters, to cover all winds and weights combinations, and boards for beginners and experienced kite surfers!

Karibu (Welcome) Coconuts Kite!