Kite Surfing Pricelist

We offer kite surfing courses for absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Just let us know what you have done so far and we will plan the rest together.

Courses can be one-to-one or in small groups, up to 4 people with one instructor, and they include all equipment.

The standard time suggested for a beginner is 9 hours. You will start with a trainer kite, learning how to pilot it on the beach, you will then go in the water with a bigger kite to learn body dragging upwind and downwind, both security maneuvers needed in case you need to come back to shore with the use of the kite alone. The last step is to stand on the board and start riding both directions.

Prices below are indicated for beginners and for a minimum of 3 hours slot, please inquire with us on prices for advanced teaching and shorter tuition periods.

Group tuition is intended for 2 to 4 people, prices below are per person in groups of 2. Please inquire for prices for bigger groups.

 1 hour3 hours6 hours9 hours
Beginners Group55 USD pp50 USD pp45 USD pp40 USD pp
Beginners Private80 USD70 USD60 USD55 USD

We offer also equipment rental for experienced kite surfers. The prices below refer to full equipment, please inquire if you only need part of the equipment:

 1 hourhalf dayfull day3 days1 week
Full equipment rental30 USD80 USD120 USD300 USD600 USD

Storage of your own equipment is also available at our facilities:

 1 day1 week1 month
Equipment storage10 USD60 USD150 USD

We can also teach in other areas along the coast, provided the locations are suitable for the practise of kite surfing. Please feel free to get in touch for further discussion.

Possiamo anche spostarci e farvi lezione dove alloggiate lungo la costa, naturalmente se le condizioni permettono la pratica del kite surfing. Contattateci per discutere ulteriormente.

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