Kite Surfing

We offer kite surfing courses for absolute beginners, intermediate and advanced students. Just let us know what you have done so far and we will plan the rest together.

Courses can be one-to-one or in small groups, up to 4 people with one instructor, and they include all equipment.

The standard time suggested for a beginner is 9 hours. You will start with a trainer kite, learning how to pilot it on the beach, you will then go in the water with a bigger kite to learn body dragging upwind and downwind, both security maneuvers needed in case you need to come back to shore with the use of the kite alone. The last step is to stand on the board and start riding both directions.

We offer also equipment rental for experienced kite surfers.

Storage of your own equipment and assistance is also available at our facilities.

We can also teach in other areas along the coast, provided the locations are suitable for the practice of kite surfing. Please feel free to get in touch for further discussion.

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