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Please remember that kite surfing is a sport strongly affected by the wind situation, this means that flexibility is a must. For how much we try to predict the wind, we cannot always succeed. Tide is fortunately not an issue as we have our secret spot to go to at low tide.

SUP and wing foil are mostly affected by the tides, as the wind required by wing foil is much less than for kitesurfing.

You will be asked to come over at a certain time and please stick to it, whether you see there is wind or not. Also, when booking your holidays, take this into consideration.

If you wish to complete a full kite surfing course you will need approximately 3 days, so a minimum of one week stay is recommended as this will most likely guarantee enough days of good wind for you to enjoy and complete the course  (and maybe add a few more hours to learn some new stuff!). For the wingfoil 3-4 days stay can be enough to complete the course.

All booking confirmations are subject to a down payment of 25% of the entire course price, which has to be paid at the time of booking. The remaining amount is to be paid at the school before the start of the course.

Should there be any weather related impediment that won’t allow the course to take place, the entire amount will be returned. Any other reason for cancellation will result in losing the down payment.

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