Now you have no excuses!

I know it took us a while to find the right design, and the right artist to draw our sign… but finally here we are!

Now you have no excuses! The sign is big on the top of our school – on a beautiful white background for easiness of reading.

We have commissioned a local artist from Paje to do the work and finally this morning we have put it up!

Easy to find us on the beach now, and we will put signs on the main roads leading to here soon.

We are also thinking about putting some artwork from local artists inside our offices, for you to have a look and buy if interested and for us to have a more colorful and happier atmosphere (as if there was a need for it!!).

Check out our new sign in the pictures below:


Welcome to join us this week of great wind!


Another windy day in Bwejuu

Wind is blowing every day on the South East coast of Zanzibar in this season, and the sea is full of kite surfers.

The other day we took the chance to pump up some of our kites so that you could see what we have available for you! Take a look!

Special for our youngest guests!

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We have kites of various brands ranging from 3 to 17 square meters, to cover all winds and weights combinations, and boards for beginners and experienced kite surfers!

Karibu (Welcome) Coconuts Kite!

Emanuel in the water

Let’s get to know who is behind all this! Emanuel is the owner and the main instructor of the school, he is Tanzanian and has been teaching kite surfing in Zanzibar for quite a few years.

See a bit of what he can do when on the water! Once you have learned to ride, you are welcome to get some more advanced lessons to learn tricks!

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